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Manufacturing Expert?

We need people to help our clients improve manufacturing and construction processes. Please have a look at the open positions below and apply by sending us a cover letter and a CV.

Consulting Engineer

This is a full-time position to join Rheo Systems as a consulting engineer working alone or as part of a project team to help our clients with process improvements.

Job Description

The main challenge is to use your theoretical knowledge to implement practical solutions to our clients problems.

You will typically work at clients and spend most of your time on the factory floor or construction site where you will gather data and engage with clients to understand the specific environment within which our client operate.

Possible improvements will be discussed with the client to validate your understanding and agree on an implementation strategy. Tools and techniques used to understand the problem and develop a solution includes:

The job requires working on site at clients and in most cases, daily transport to and from client with own vehicle. Working hours are typically long, since you will be following the working hours of our clients and stay late to discuss improvements.

Remuneration according to qualifications and experience.